The decorative WPC wall panel are quite in-trend now, more and more customers are choosing them for getting a much more beautifying look.  Everyone wants to make their home a style statement and a perfect place for their living. Getting your home renovated with a WPC wall panel, adds enough grace to the walls and changes their look completely. These panels are wonderful surprises that give your home a redefined and amazing look. The panels are available in a large variety at the manufacturers and you can choose as per your interior design, style, and theme.


What’s the WPC wall panel?

  • WPC slat wall panel is a kind of composite material mainly made of wood (lignocellulose, vegetable cellulose), thermoplastic polymer material (plastic) and processing aids, etc. It is a kind of wood (lignocellulose, vegetable cellulose), thermoplastic polymer material (plastic) and processing aids, etc., mixed together and then extruded by die equipment. It is a new type of composite material that can replace wood and plastic, which has the properties and characteristics of both wood and plastic.
  • According to the surface treatment, it usually has a wood texture and pure color style as below picture :
    wpc interior wall panel manufacturer

    wpc interior wall panel with wood texture 

    wpc interior wall panel manufacturer

    wpc interior wall panel with pure color 

    There are many different colors that are optional and customized.

  • It can be used for exterior and interior wall decor. Such as a home, garden, hotel, and so on.
  • wpc indoor wall panel fluted

    wpc indoor wall panel fluted


Advantages of WPC wall panel :


  1. Green environmental protection: WPC interior wall panel is a new type of green material, the surface is not painted, just wood and plastic pressed, reducing the content of formaldehyde and other harmful substances, safe and green environmental protection.
  2.  The loss of material is relatively low: WPC decorative wall panels are hollow, so you can save more materials, and the price is also cheaper.
  3.  Long service life: compared with ordinary wood, the life of WPC indoor wall panels can reach 10-15 years, greatly saving the cost and time to replace furniture.
  4.  Good practicality: the practicality of WPC wall paneling is very good, not only is wear-resistant, can well protect the building wall, and has a good sense of three-dimensional and hierarchical, with good thermostability, noise reduction, can prevent radiation, but also can regulate the air, wear-resistant, impact resistance, and other functions.
  5.  Decorative good: WPC  wall panel can use different functional areas, and decorate a different flavor style, but also the overall style of synergy and unity, a good display of the unique style of taste of the room. So the whole siding has a very good decorative effect.

How to choose the right supplier of WPC wall panels?


  1.  First of all, when purchasing a WPC wall panel, you must choose a fully qualified factory,  Which has its own R&D department and experienced sales staff, This can ensure the importers customize and constantly launch new products to their market needs. Experienced sales staff can reduce communication costs and help customers to get the goods smoothly.
  2.  secondly, when purchasing WPC slat wall panels, be sure to ask for samples first, and pay attention to the surface of the sample, a good wood wall panel’s surface is smooth, oily, and uniform particles without cracks. In addition, if the appearance is not easy to distinguish good from bad, it is best to choose the brand wood plastic panels, not only excellent product quality, and after-sales service is guaranteed.  KR is a professional WPC product manufacturer from China, established in the year 2007, with good quality and competitive prices, KR products are popular with most customers all around the world. its main products are WPC decking, WPC outdoor&indoor wall cladding, WPC fencing, and other installation accessories. Please check all KR’s products here
  3.  When purchasing WPC 3D wall panels, you should also consider its supporting products, such as louvers, light steel keel, etc. It is best to know about the supporting products in advance to avoid safety hazards at a later stage. KR has a stable and reliable supplier of supporting products and can provide customers with one-stop service, saving time and money for customers.