Every country has the best composite decking brands. But, if you want to buy composite decking from China, it’s vital to understand the leading brands in China.

Well, it may be shocking that even one of the best brand factories is not perfect for each customer. That’s because most customers pay attention to price, quantity demand, and delivery duration.


You should know the best WPC decking brands when you are looking for the right decking board supplier from China

We recommend our company KR Building Materials to you. KR offers the best 100% waterproof & fire resistant composites. We also have the cheapest composite decking at factory prices.

What are the best composite decking brands in China?


1. KR Building Material Co., Ltd

KR WPC manufacturer is a new and famous brand in China. The company boasts high-quality composite decking boards. They offer a wide range of product lines at varying prices points to meet any budget.

Production Line

composite decking factory

KR has 60 production line now and plan to add more in near future , each production line adopt the imported advanced equipment to make sure the composite boards’ quality . These production lines can meet most customers’ requirements on lead time。

The production stages include mixing raw materials, granulating, excluding, cooling-molding, sanding. After that, brushing, fixing length, cleaning, and packing. The production processes follow a fixed standard. All processes get conducted under the supervision of professional QC.


Product Category


KR has various WPC product series to meet different customer’s needs , each series have different design and quality standard for option .

wood plastic composite product category


  • WPC Outdoor Decking
  • WPC fencing
  • WPC wall cladding /wall panel
  • WPC Composite gate board
  • Composite DIY deck tiles
  • Composite Louver
  • Composite pergola

All those products are waterproof, fireproof safe, and eco-friendly. You can choose a complete set of products to fulfill your decking ideas.


Competitive price


KR located at China inland city -Xuancheng , where the cost for the ground and labor is lower compared with the companies at coast cities . So they can always supply the same products with competitive prices.

25 years warranty

 KR offers a 25-year warranty for all of their WPC decking products which including splintering , cracking , fading in the color , and stains to the deck boards . So they got good reputations from most of their customers all around the world.

 If you need wide range WPC products , If you want to save money ,  if your order is not big at the beginning , if you do not like more troubles , and so on , please contact KR for more details or get free samples for checking first .


2.LESCO WPC Decking

LESCO WPC decking is the main drafting unit of the first national standard for wood-plastic products in China. It is one of the suppliers of composite decking boards that you can also count on. The composite company boasts over 10 year’s industrial experience in R&D.

The company has partnered with the Wuhan University of Technology. They have established the WPC product’s LESCO design and development center. It has 30 automated production lines and an annual capacity of 15,000 tons.

LESCO’s key R&D strength is its innovation practice base. Product testing, risk monitoring, and quality assurance system also plays a major role. Besides its professionals, advanced testing equipment, and an efficient service team are reliable.

Its main focus is on WPC materials. They also sell WPC interior cladding, sun shading systems, and decking. Exterior cladding and façade systems, Alu-systems, ceiling, and custom-made products are available.


3. Sentai WPC Group Share Co., Ltd


Sentai WPC Group Share Co., Ltd is also one of China’s leading composite decking manufacturers. It has over 15 years of extruding experience.

The company boasts as China’s designated outdoor composite flooring supplier. It has handled major projects like the China Pavilion of the Shanghai World Expo stadium. Even the Beijing Olympic Games main stadium.

Its R&D team has an innovation base where they are always coming up with ideas. All the products undergo testing and evaluation to meet quality standards. Its efficient service team and multidisciplinary experts are also commendable. This makes working with the composite company easy.

Some of their products include Atlas Hybrid. It’s a combination of aluminum and composite materials. This combination makes the end product more robust and beautiful. Other high-quality products include Regalboard, Kindwood, and Armoshell.


4.NEWTECWOOD composite deck manufacturers

NEWTECHWOOD also tops as one of the best composite decking manufacturers. It’s the president unit of the China Wood Plastic Products Industry Association. It’s a large enterprise focusing on the production, R&D, and sales of wood plastic materials.

Have you’ve come across Ultashied composite decking material? This is the brand behind it. This composite board is available in six colors. Customers can also select from their custom-made colors.

Another thing about this brand is they offer many composite materials. That’s banister composite materials, railing composite materials, and balcony composite materials.

You can also select from their different decking profiles. That includes Magellan, Voyager, Columbus, and Gortes series.

How to choose the right composite decking brand ?

As mentioned earlier, every customer has different needs and expectations of a product. The performance ability of a product plays a major role. In market today, composite decking boards perform much better than wood decking.

Many people are opting for the wooden composite floor. This means they need to find high-quality WPC decks with the same capabilities. Use these tips to find the best WPC decking supplier.



Cost is of concern when dealing with composite decking manufacturers. But, you should not use the theory of “cheap things are expensive.” Low cost doesn’t always mean low quality. Some brands offer the cheapest composite decking with a good warranty.

Most of these brands deliver high-quality WPC deck. , their end product has undergone standard manufacturing process. A standard manufacturing process consists of 90% recycled materials and 10% additives.

KR composite decking boards and construction materials are of quality standards. We commit to selling wholesale decking boards at friendly prices without extra charges.



This is a major concern, especially when it comes to its application. It’s true composite decking boards outshine wood decking in longevity. But, the difference come in the warranty period.

The warranty period can help you determine a good quality composite. It’s necessary to find a high quality composite decking board from suppliers.

KR’s composite decking boards has a warranty of 25 years. This means it’s capable to meet your decking needs and all your expectations. That’s because it’s anti-slip, fireproof, waterproof, and insect resistant.



Well, for composite decking, there is no painting or staining. What you see on a manufacturer’s website is what you get. A good brand offers many color options that you find favorable. Better still, it should have custom color options to enable you to order what you want.

By choosing KR composite boards, you can choose between seven colors. That’s teak, redwood, coffee, nogal, walnut, grey, and ebony. Custom color options are also available on request.



This is a major concern for most composite decking manufacturers. Every manufacturer uses a different percentage of recycled materials in their products. Well, there is no worry, as most of these products are LEED certified.

High-quality eco outdoor decking boards should have at least 90% recycled components. It will enhance their strength and durability. KR composites contain 60% wood fiber, 30% HDPE, and 10% additives.



Styles of composite boards also vary. Some manufacturers can mold their boards with wood grain, while others don’t. You can also get boards with anti-slip and anti-corrosive properties. Not all composite boards have this features. So, it’s vital always to check which style the composite company offers.

KR wood decking composites has undergone quality molding. We use 3D wood grain, normal wood grain, brushed grooves and brushed plain to mold. This will ensure to increase its strength.


Our boards are anti-slip resistant, 100% waterproof & fire retardant safe, and insect resistive. Get in touch to learn more about KR Building Material Co., Ltd!