This Quality Warranty is promised by KR that WPC products will not destroyed by insects, not causing some problem such as rot, chapping, crack or warp when the products are under the proper application, It is natural that the color of products will have a little fading within 3 months, but after the period ,the color will not changed any more and turn to be normal. The warranty time for the WPC products is 10 years from the date of purchasing.

If the quality of our products occur the problem herein before ,we will solve these problems consults with customer and take on the correlative responsibility, If necessary ,we will change the products free.

The Quality Warranty is applicable for the quality problem under proper application. Below are the contents not included in the extension of our quality warranty:

-The damage caused during the application, or damaged by physical abuse, acts of god, acts of war.

-On the basis of the product capability: expand with heat and contract with cold, some quality problem such as color change, blot, distortion which caused by the user install improperly, damage it with malice, misapply, improper maintenance

-The quality problem cause by transportation or improper operation.

-Color tolerance, fading, distortion, imperceptible crack caused because of long term using ,but no effect for natural using .

Other quality problems caused by misapply without regard of the natural capability.

The warranty is only for WPC (wood-plastic composite), not including other relative accessories of these products. KR shall not bear the following charges caused by the quality. When we replace the new products to you, the warranty does not cover the cost of installation, transportation, time and labor.

This warranty is only effected by the first buyer, it can’t be transferred to others. The purchase contract and relevant documents should be showed when the claims happened.